New Adventures in Deafland

As I told you last time,  Wonderful Audiologist is no longer available to me. I heard she’s working somewhere new, but I don’t know where.  There’s probably some kind of non-competition clause, but that doesn’t help me, right?  I went through most of the summer worrying about what I’d do and then it happened.  I had a problem with my hearing aids.   I didn’t like the guy that worked there with her and I wasn’t keen on her replacement.  What to do?  Where to go?  Fortunately, she had told me the name of another audiologist in one of the company’s other offices, so when I got back to Toronto in September, Darling Hubby booked an appointment with that audiologist and off we went on a new adventure in deafland.


It started out well. We were early and the receptionist was really nice.  They have a very different set up in this office and it’s much more pleasant. It’s smaller, but warmer, and brighter with all the windows. Since it was the same company, they had all my records so it wasn’t really starting from scratch again.  But it’s still scary to have to begin again with someone new.  New Audiologist came out to greet me and start the music and bring in the rays of sun – I really liked her immediately.  It didn’t hurt that she’s from Brooklyn!


I told NA (New Audiologist) how much I’m struggling again – it seemed I was at the end of the line again with my hearing aids.  (DH and I have been trying to brush up on our Sign Language skills again) and how scared and frustrated I’ve been.  After getting familiar with my history, she gave me a hearing test (I still can’t hear – no surprise there), and said, “let me check something” and made a phone call.  We could see the smile on her face and DH kept giving me that cute little boy look he gets when he thinks he knows something I don’t.  Sure enough, NA hung up, turned to me and said the magic words.  “I can get new hearing aids for you!”


Lo and behold, Siemens, who saved me from the end of the line a few years ago, is coming out with something brand new in January!  They’re the same power as my current hearing aids, but have all new technology which should make a difference for me.  And they have six programs instead of four!  Six!  That gives me back the T-coil I had to give up to have Bluetooth, and get this – it has a program to mask some of the ringing in my ears from Tinnitus!  Six programs to find a way to cope!  Tis truly the season to be jolly!


Now how do I wait?  How do I get through until January?  Guess I’ll find out but it’s so good to be waiting for something better.