Alive and kicking!

Hello again! I’m back but I wouldn’t blame you if you ignore my apologies for being out of touch for so long. I keep apologizing but then I go far too long without writing. All I can say is time goes by much too quickly and I hope when I do write, you’re still with me!

About two months ago, I had a very close call with my vision, which for a deaf person is terrifying. I accidentally tore the cornea in my left eye and did some serious damage. Thanks to a wonderful eye doctor in Toronto, visits almost daily for 10 days, my eye healed and I didn’t lose any significant amount of vision permanently. But boy it was scary. Note: It may sound sexy, but wearing a patch is not fun! Not only did I not look like a very cool pirate, I bumped into things a lot. Not very cool at all.

The big news is that after 13 years of splitting our time between NY and Toronto, DHH and I have decided that starting at the beginning of August, we’re going to stay in Toronto full time for awhile. We have a lot going on, health issues to take care of, and commuting is getting harder. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the logical decision. And who knows.. we can always come back again. Nothing is written in stone.

Being in Toronto full time will be a huge change for us, but we hope it will also be the start of some new adventures. And we’ll get to spend more time with our kids – a definite bonus and perk. Maybe we’ll even redo the kitchen – I think my sweet pups, Brooklyn and Hudson, are finished with their part of the decorating and won’t be chewi… er …. re-designing the chairs and window blinds anymore.

Deaf or not, this is life. Things change, needs changes, and we change. Change can be good. It means we’re alive and kicking. And it gives us another opportunity to write our own story. I’m looking forward to new experiences and having new stories to share with you.