New is the New Old

It’s been a very busy few days, hearing-wise, but good days.  If you asked me a few days ago, I’d have said I want my old hearing aids back, that the new ones may be great, but they’re not great for me. Thank goodness my wonderful audiologist (WA) and Darling Handsome Hubby (DHH) wouldn’t give up and they wouldn’t let me give up either.  WA  called in a specialist from Phonak and together, they made many adjustments to the hearing aids.  (As an aside, which I so often do, it’s amazing how much computing power is in those things.  We’ve come a long way, technology!)


Anyway, they adjusted my new hearing aids and holy mackerel, what a difference. I’m pretty sure I’ll still need some more adjustments, but for the first time since I got them, I know I want to keep them.  Hello my new slippers.  We’re going to have a great time together.


On another note – no segue today – I said in my last blog I’d introduce our new puppy.  Hudson is almost 11 months old now and he joined our family at 9 weeks old. He and Brooklyn have become quite the team and he absolutely worships her.  I’ll include a couple of pictures of him (one with Brooklyn behind him.)


Even at this young age, Hudson has tuned into me and knows I can’t hear.  I don’t know how, but from the start, without any special training at all,  he started using his paws and nose to get my attention.  When we’re out walking, he’s on special alert, watching all directions and planting himself between anyone coming in my direction and me.  He’s become my shadow, my protector, and my little clown and he’s not even a year old yet.


He likes to study Brooklyn and watch what she does, choosing what he wants to copy and what he doesn’t.  Sometimes he looks at her like she’s from another planet, but most of the time he looks at her with such love and devotion, it melts our hearts.


At first Brooklyn treated him like a very welcome guest, but didn’t seem to realize he was staying.  As soon as she realized he’s part of our family, she became an incredibly wonderful big sister to him.  She’s teaching him and believe it or not, she’s learning from him too.  She’s such an amazing, wonderful girl, and there’s no question that she’s the family Princess.


There’s a special joy in watching them play together, knowing how happy they are and how much they love each other and us.  There’s not a day that we don’t laugh thanks to these two.  We feel so lucky and blessed to have them.


Though none of my dogs have been trained to be assistive dogs, they’ve all somehow learned it themselves.  We knew this was an extremely sensitive and intelligent breed, but we never stop being delighted by just how much.


New can be scary, but it’s up to us to make it work.  Once we get used to it, new is the new old and that can be ok.   And now, our new pup, Hudson.