Where, oh where has my hearing aid gone?

You guessed it. Back to Starkey for repair.  It seems it shorted out.  Again.  Apparently, having it in my ear can do that.


I am a meticulous when it comes to my hearing aids. They’re not toys or accessories.  They’re my lifeline, my only connection to all things that have sounds.  Maybe not a good connection, but they’re still better than nothing.  So trust me when I tell you, I take care of them.  I take excellent care of them. I even invested in a machine to keep them dry that they stay in overnight. I don’t wear them in the rain.  I don’t let them get wet. I protect them from contact with any type of moisture.  But for the umpteenth time, one of them (they take turns) has shorted out.


In over 25 years of wearing hearing aids, I have never, ever, never, ever, ever, never (get the point?) had trouble like this with a hearing aid.  In fact, I’ve had very few problems at all.  Even my old work horses, the Widex P38s, which by the way, are about 9  or 10 years old, only needed to be fixed once.  And it was minor.  And a long time ago.  And what I’m wearing now.  And still work.


Shame, Starkey.  Shame.