Have I told you lately?

And now, the last one for today – I must update you on the state of my technology.  And I strongly encourage you to talk to your own audiologist about what’s out there for you!


As you may remember, Wonderful Audiologist went to a Business Convention back in the Spring.  The little “boots” made for the Siemens hearing aids didn’t work well with the FM system.  Siemens told Wonderful Audiologist they were coming out with a new controller in May and that would eliminate the need for the boots.


Sure enough, they did!  It’s called the “Mini-Tek” and it’s changed everything!  Not only does the FM system work now, it has Bluetooth and I can wirelessly connect to anything with Bluetooth.  That means my cell phone, my iPad, my computer, to name a few.

The FM works with an audio cable and brings in sounds from pretty much everything else I can think of. I even have a little tiny device that sends the TV sound into my hearing aids.


These devices can’t give me hearing I don’t have, particularly speech comprehension,  but bringing the sound right into my hearing aids and bypassing outside noise sure gives me a better shot at figuring sounds out. Even if I don’t understand what I’m hearing, I have the illusion of hearing things, which makes things more enjoyable.


Technology, have I told you lately that I love you?  And you, too, Darling Hubby and Wonderful Audiologist!  Thanks for being there and not giving up on me!