Beep Beep

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written and I apologize for that.   Sometimes I get so busy I forget I’m deaf. 🙂  While being deaf is a full time job, I’ve managed to add a few more hobbies into my life, one of which is cooking.  Yes, after all these years of being an avid cooking hater, I suddenly got an urge to cook.  Though most everyone I know is wondering why, I can’t explain it.  I’m wondering too.  Nevertheless, in the past month, I have made (from scratch) French Onion Soup, New York Cheesecake with a strawberry glaze topping, French Baguettes, Glazed London Broil, and I’ve baked several cakes and a Lemon Meringue Pie.  Those though, were not quite from scratch, but I will get there.


Oddly enough, something happened to really confuse me – the odd beeping of my oven timers.  My brand new ovens, I might add.  (Which may be the reason for my new found interest in cooking.  Give a girl new toys and she may start to play!)  Anyway, I noticed the timer beeping at weird times.  I kept checking the food, but it was fine.  Nothing should have been beeping.  And then came the magical moment when I realized that it was not the timers doing the beeping.  I figured this out when I was sitting in another room reading and heard the beep.


You guessed it.  It was my hearing aid.  My recently replaced Starkey Destiny hearing aid.  It seems this hearing aid likes to hear itself beep so at unpredictable times, it does just that.  It’s not for a change in volume, it’s not for low battery, it’s not for change of program.  It just speaks up now and then.    It’s annoying as heck but there is one good thing about it – it’s not my ovens.  They work just fine.