Bad Day, Big Deal (NOT!)

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you might think communicating and everyday functioning are a piece of cake. Maybe some of you wonder how it can be that easy.  Let me assure you – it’s not!  I have bad days too, and thought I’d tell you about my most recent one.


Maybe I was tired, maybe I was having an off day, but the other day, I read pretty much everyone I came in contact with all wrong. People stopped to admire my dogs, ask questions, and I gave answers that had nothing to do with what they said. I couldn’t get what cashiers or salespeople in stores were trying to tell me.  I asked for help when possible, but sometimes just couldn’t get it no matter how many times people helped. Communicating-wise, it was just one rotten day.


Some people might get depressed over it, and though I was frustrated, I didn’t allow myself to wallow in self pity over it.  Everyone has their occasional bad day.  Even when you think someone is so good at something (including speechreading/lip reading), no one is perfect.  Even when you think you’re so good at something, you can have a bad day.  Everyone can make mistakes – it’s not always as easy as it may look.  I don’t look forward to those bad days, but I know how to live with them.

There’s always tomorrow.


Bad day? Big deal! NOT!