Eyes and Torches Oh My

One down, one to go.  Cataract surgery, I mean.  I’ve had the first surgery and so far, so good!  The surgery went well but I did have a few strange things happen.  First, I ate two Digestive cookies – I’ve never done that before!  I thought they were for hospitals and babies.  Sure enough, the nurse in the hospital gave it to me after the surgery and darned if it wasn’t good.  (Or maybe it was the sedative, who knows?)

Second, I had a lot of flickering lights for the first five or so days.   Aside from scaring me (then the surgeon said it was not common, but did happen sometimes) it was very annoying.  It also brought on my Menieres symptoms from all the flickering movement.  I found that if I looked straight ahead while talking to people or watched TV (we won’t discuss programming content right now.  I’m still too frightened by it!) it didn’t bother me. But reading and certain lighting did.  That’s 90% gone now and he thinks it’ll go away completely when the second eye is done and they’re balanced.  Right now I’m still seeing through one cataract eye.

Some of you know how scared I was before the surgery.  I’ve had a long time fear of things coming at my eyes.  I’m happy to say I wasn’t aware of it happening and I feel much better about getting the second one done this Friday.  It will take a while after both are done to see how my vision ends up, but I’m typing this very comfortably without pressing my nose to the screen.  That’s a good thing.  I’ll keep you posted. (No pun intended.  Ok, maybe it was.)

So happily, I can still read lips, I can still watch television, and I can still function normally.  I can’t drive yet, but that’s because I need new glasses after both eyes are done, but overall, things are fine.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the new Blackberry Torch.  As much as I love Apple, I want to stay connected to people via the Blackberry Network (the Blackberry messenger is a wonderful way to keep in touch from anywhere!) so I get Blackberry phones.  My last one, the Bold (9000) had spectacular sound.  It was the best I’ve heard on any device – cell or landline.  I’m sorry to say that is not the case with the Torch (9800).  The sound on the Torch is tinny, weak and well, just plain crummy.

I’m not here to do a Blackberry review so I won’t talk about the other features – I do like the Torch – just a few bugs.  But I do think it’s important for anyone who’s interested in hearing loss to know the sound on the Torch stinks.  It is a cell phone, after all.  Come on, RIM, how about considering sound when you make these things?

Back to my eyes – they’re still green.  See you after the next surgery!