I can’t believe it’s already August and summer is almost over.  It seems the days just fly by and honestly, I just didn’t feel like writing.

Some really rotten things have happened in the last few months. We’ve (DH, my friends, and I) suffered some very harsh losses – all unexpectedly.  My best friend’s husband died, then a very close friend of mine died, and another dear friend lost her 23 year old son in Afghanistan.


With each loss, we felt our hearts break, then the next loss broke them some more. I want to comfort my friends while feeling their pain.  I want to help, but for some things there is no help.  And I want to undo it all, but there’s no way to “undo” many things in real life.


So often we say we know what’s important, that we keep things in perspective, we’re grateful for the good, we hang in through the bad, and the past few months have really made us put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.   All I’ve really wanted to do is hold Darling Hubby and my precious children close, help my friends, and thank God for all the good in my life..


Through all this, my hearing has become an issue again and unbelievably, they called to tell me Wonderful Audiologist is no longer with the company so I don’t have an audiologist. A few months ago this might have really thrown me. But now?  Absolutely not.  I’m keeping life’s challenges in perspective.  It surprises me how little bothers me these days.  I know what’s important.