Catching Up

Good grief!  Time goes by faster than I can keep up and now it’s another few months since I’ve written.  At this point apologizing is moot so I’ll just try to catch up.  The question is, should I do it in one long post or a few short ones?  Perhaps a few shorter ones so I can keep on topic.


Why haven’t I written?  That seems to be the place to start.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been having trouble with my eyes since my cataract surgery.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are people that have complications and I’m one of them.  note: *Please DO NOT let this make you afraid to have it if you need it. These things are rare and if you trust your doctor, don’t let my experience turn you off!


Turns out I ended up losing my close up vision. Too much magnification makes me dizzy so there are some things I can’t see even with the prescription reading glasses.  (I’m learning to ask people to tell me what the tiny things say.)  The computer falls into a gray area. Sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can’t.  I use email with a huge font now and I don’t read  books or magazines nearly as much as I used to.   But I will adapt – there’s really no other choice.


Anyway, that’s my reason for not writing for so long and that doesn’t even include the badly cut finger, broken ankle, bronchitis, and stomach flu I’ve been through – all in the same 10 days!


Three trips to the same ER in just over a week.  Poor Darling Hubby was getting weary of checking me in.  Advice to everyone:  Be careful with a mandoline (slicer), Don’t fall out of your house and break an ankle, and avoid stomach flus at all costs!


Ok, so much for where I’ve been.  Next blog coming up – the wonderful experience!