Brooklyn Roads

I wrote that our precious hu-dog – my beloved companion, protector, and ears, Brody – died in December 2014, just five days before we got his little sister “Princess” Brooklyn.   As you can imagine, she’s kept us pretty busy since I last wrote.   It’s funny how you can add many dogs to your family through the years, but you never remember the beginning.  The part before they understand every word you say (but don’t usually repeat it), when the whole house was a bathroom, when they ate you out of house and home (NOT food – furniture, clothing, eyeglasses, pens, shoes, bags, wood floors, window coverings… anything they could get their needle-like puppy teeth on.)

Fortunately that part doesn’t last too long and even though it sounds bad, it’s really not.  It’s a stage we go through to have the most cherished, loving, devoted, and remarkable companions we could ask for.  In my family, we are “dog people.”  People who aren’t, often don’t understand.  Yes, there is a little inconvenience in the beginning.  Fur babies require some work.  But oh how worth it it is.  That first day you realize that dog loves you more than anything on earth, only wants to play with you, love you, and be with you, is more joy than I can describe.

Brooklyn turned a year old On October 24th  and how this little girl completely took us over in such a short time, we don’t know.  Is it her big brown eyes, so filled with love whenever she looks at us? Is it that plumed tail that can wag fast enough to raise a helicopter?  Is it the constant cuddles and kisses?  The language she uses to communicate with us?  The huge bark that comes out of her mouth (really, that’s her?  Not a male Akita?)  when she protects us?  It’s probably all of those things plus that certain magic that comes from falling in love again.

I don’t know if she understands that I’m deaf yet – that takes awhile, but I think she’s getting it.  She’s very physical with me – gently touching me with her paw, nudging me with her nose – when she wants something or wants me to know something.  This breed gets it fast.   If she doesn’t completely get it now, I know she will – just like all those who came before her.  But one thing she does get now is plenty of love.  She is a blessing and a joy.   And our precious Brody would have loved her so.