Monday Brain Mush

I’m afraid I just have some rambling to share today because I don’t have a solid topic (and probably don’t have a point either!)


Last night Darling Hubby and I went to watch the fireworks on the Hudson River.  It was 90F outside and there was a really huge crowd.  I haven’t heard the final totals yet, but trust me, it was crowded.) We didn’t want to be loaded down, especially in this heat, so we carried as little as possible.  I didn’t mean to leave my hearing aids’ remote control at home but I somehow did.  (At least we had the bottle of frozen water.) Anyway, I figured I’d just adjust the programs and volume right from the hearing aids themselves, but go figure – I didn’t need to.  For whatever reason, the noise of the crowd (and the fireworks) was minimized and I could have a conversation with Darling Hubby. Talk about smart hearing aids!


So it’s a few months now and the hearing aids that shouldn’t have worked not only work for me, they work in ways I can’t even undertand and make my life better.  As I’ve said before, they’re not magic hearing aids and can’t give me what I don’t have, but they sure do give me enough cues to read lips again and for that I’m grateful.  Needless to say, I’m pretty happy.  So happy, I’ve been doing things again without stopping to worry about whether or not I can hear.


Now back to the fireworks.  They were a stunning display and lit up the night sky in colors, patterns, and bursts. I know nothing about pyrotechnics but I always wonder how they make these things go exactly where they want them to be in shapes and patterns.  And to top it off, they do it at the exact right time. I’m not one to talk about timing.  I’m lucky if the meat, vegetable and salad are all ready at the same time when I make dinner.  (Though the cooking lessons are helping that.)


That reminds me.  If you want a bottle of water to stay cold, freeze it the night before. It will melt, but it will stay cold much longer. Believe it or not, ours still had a big block of ice in it after three hours outside in that heat.   I’m not sure it’s good for dogs that cold, but it’s great for thirsty, dehydrated people.


Now, a word about this blog. I’ve noticed that people have signed up to read it but I’m actually  not sure what the protocol is for that.  I know you’re out there so I’d like to welcome you and thank you for reading whatever pops out of my fingers.  I started writing this blog for me, but now it’s kind of for you, too.  So don’t be afraid to comment (unless you have something really not nice to say) and tell me something about you.  You sure know a lot about me now and I don’t even know how you found me!  Ahh, mystery!


Speaking of mystery, I’m in the middle of a good one so I think I’ll go outside on the balcony and see how long I can last in this weather. It’s 99F in New York right now, folks!  And tomorrow is supposed to be hotter!  Now I know why I have Monday Brain Mush!