Paint it Again, Sam!

The other night as I was falling asleep, a thought hit me and I said to DHH, “Honey, I don’t think I can dive into a swimming pool anymore!” He told me not to worry about since a) we don’t have a pool, and b) it’s been years since I’ve done it anyway. That left me with some thoughts because lately, I’ve been realizing I can’t do everything I used to. So, being stubborn and someone who won’t just quit, I’ve decided that instead of focusing on what I can no longer do, I’m going to focus on what I can do. I’m going to try new things, go back to some old things, and maybe even forget about what I can’t do. Or find a way to do it differently. (Do pony rides take people over 6 years old?)

Between being unable to hear and having some physical challenges from arthritis and injuries, I had to think about what would give me the most pleasure and the least pain and frustration.  I have a beautiful fully equipped drawing table, but since I hurt my hands, it’s very hard for me to hold the pencils, pastels, or charcoals for very long.  And my control is less than stellar.  But wait, I thought.  I can still hold a brush.  Epiphany time.  Why not go back to painting?

For DHH’s birthday, I took him, Darling Son, and Wonderful Daughter-in-law  to a place where you paint and they have coffee, etc.  It’s a social artsy activity and we had a blast. They used acrylic paint which really did make sense, especially so the paintings would be dry enough to take home.

But I’d never used acrylic paint before.  When I was young, I only painted in oils.  All the classes I took were for oils and the only paints I have are oils.  But you know what? It was really fun.  So when I had my epiphany about going back to painting, I thought well maybe I’ll try acrylics.  They’re definitely easier to clean up, which makes things much easier for me.

I’ve been painting with the acrylic paints for a week now and I’m having so much fun with it so today DHH and I went to an art store to buy some larger sized tubes of paints and some paraphernalia to go with the acrylic.  I’m now properly equipped.

The nice guy in the store who was helping us was surprised that I’d go from oils to acrylic. He said, “That’s a step backwards, you know.”  I smiled at him and said, “I know.  But it’s still a step.”

I wonder what else I’ll do and how I’ll twist it a bit to accommodate my needs.  Life is exciting!