Bye Bye Starkey

The unknown.  A little exciting, a little scary, a little challenging. That’s what it’s going to be like for me next week when I get my (tada) new hearing aids.  Bye bye Starkey. Bye bye cutting out, random beeps, and frequent repairs.  New audiologist gave me a demo of a different hearing aid today and it was great!  It wasn’t even the one I’m going to get – it was a less powerful model and I’m getting the most powerful model!


Only one was programmed at all similarly to my needs, but even without my precise program, without the extra power, without being the exact right one, there was an improvement right away.  It’ll need fine tuning but I’m very optimistic that it’s going to work for me.  If not, that’s what trial periods are for, but I’m thinking positively!


What’s really a shame is that even though the Government of Ontario pays something towards new hearing aids, I can’t get a cent.  It has to be three years or a change in your needs.  I’m only at two and a half years and I don’t have enough hearing to begin with, for them to accept that my needs have changed. They won’t pay unless it’s three years and they don’t care what the problem or reason is.  I could wait another six months or so to get them, and thus, the government allowance, but that’s six months more of suffering.  The Government of Ontario may not care about me (yay public health care) but luckily, I have a wonderful husband who does, and next Friday at this time, the new hearing aids will be in my ears.


The new hearing aids can’t give me real hearing, but they’ve sure given me hope.