So I had a birthday this weekend and for the first time in nine years, I was in Toronto for it.  We were supposed to be in New York, but since it was on a Friday, I wanted to be here to have dinner with my children. Well, dinner we did and it was just lovely.  Handsome Hubby took us to a beautiful restaurant and we had a wonderful time, just like when the kids lived at home with us so long ago.  I was quite content and feeling very lucky to have had such a nice celebration and then came Saturday.


I was out with my son and when he brought me home, eleven of my closest friends and their husbands yelled “SURPRISE!”  My first thought was “what?!”  My second thought was, “Oy, is this going to be on YouTube?”  It took  awhile for my heart to get back to its normal beat and my temperature to come back down to survivable and it was such a great celebration.  My wonderful hubby arranged the party for me and everone kept it a secret.  For several weeks!


The funny thing is, everyone was telling me how they had to be quiet when I was coming in.   “Shhh,” they kept telling each other. “Be quiet,” they nudged each other.  They wondered why I was laughing so I reminded them that I couldn’t have heard them anyway.  We all had a great laugh about that.  But what makes me want to blog about it is that my friends forget I’m deaf. In a good way.  And that made it the best birthday of all.