Technology is Bright on Broadway

At this point, I think you know that life happens between posts, I get busy and neglect to write for awhile. While I apologize for sometimes being scarce, I just don’t want to bore you.  When nothing extraordinary happens and inspiration hasn’t struck, I don’t write for the sake of writing.  As a writer, that’s probably very wrong of me.  But as a blogger, I hope it’s more in line with thoughtful.


In an earlier blog, I mentioned my new Oticon hearing aids and how much better I’ve been doing with them.  While I still have to rely on lip reading and nothing will ever give me the hearing I’m missing, they make life much more comfortable, enjoyable, and richer.  I’ve actually picked up sounds I hadn’t heard in so long, I had to ask DHH if I actually heard that.  Nothing earth shattering, but sounds that make life less hollow.  Some of it is music, which I enjoy beyond what words can describe.


I particularly enjoy using the accessories that let me watch TV.  I’ve had other hearing aids that connected to the TV, but I have never had such good, clear, reliable, continuous sound with the Oticon system.  Though I can’t understand the words, when it’s combined with captions, it feels like I can.  I’m not just reading TV now.. I’m having a much more satisfying experience.


And now, I’ve been able to have that at the theater!  I mentioned in an earlier post that there was an on demand caption system coming to the theaters through the Shubert Theater Organization and a company called Galapro.  Last night, I had the privilege of trying it out.


The Shubert Theater (New York City) and others, have done two things.  First, they looped the entire theater so I can just put my hearing aids on Telecoil and connect to their sound system.  No extra devices necessary, no headphones, ear buds, etc.  I just sit down and turn it on.  Exquisite!  Second, they’re offering the on demand captions from Galapro.  All I had to do was use their app on my iPhone and voila!  Captions for the entire show, perfectly timed, easy to see, didn’t disturb anyone around me, and I almost forgot I’m deaf.


“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway!”  So is the technology!   Thank you to everyone involved – it’s been a very long time since  I had such a wonderful time at the theater!  Well Hello Dolly!  It’s so nice that I  really enjoyed the show!  It’s been swell, Dolly!  And I think Oticon and Galapro should know!

Until next time…