I’m Unleashed!

Before I say anything else, I want to thank all of you for being here. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. Thank you for being part of my world. I appreciate every single one of you.

We’ve been back in Toronto since the beginning of August and I can’t deny that it’s a huge adjustment. Places don’t sit still and some of Toronto and the suburbs look so new to me. New development, new streetscapes, new names, even new sounds. Though we weren’t in New York full time, we were there more than here and when we were here, it was to spend time with family and friends, and take care of things – like DHH’s knee replacement surgery, for example. So we didn’t really do much while in Toronto. We saved all our ‘doing’ for New York.

I’ve kept pretty busy since I’m back. Since it was still summer, I decided to put off the unpacking even though we brought back a full truckload of belongings. We donated most of our furniture and household goods to various people, and donated a full van load to the Humane Society, which was in need of blankets, towels, and several other things. (If you think you have anything to donate, check their wish list on their web site.)

Since we can count on a long, cold winter when we’re forced to stay inside more, we can unpack in earnest then. In the meantime, we’ve been taking care of medical appointments, enjoying the good weather we did have, and just getting used to being back here. I actually did some gardening this year, for the first time in I don’t know how long. I even relocated two earthworms. (Yes, I was wearing gloves, but still…)

I had a wonderful surprise I must share. I emailed WA (wonderful Audiologist) for an appointment to make an adjustment on my Oticon hearing aids, and when I got there, she said, “Oticon just came out with the most powerful hearing aids on the market. I want you to try them.” By now you all know I’m kind of a geeky person who loves devices and technology, so she didn’t have to ask me twice!

The first thing I noticed and had to get used to, is no more Streamer – the gadget that had to hang around my neck to control them and connect to devices. The Streamer is a wonderful device. I was so happy to have it. But with the new hearing aids, I don’t need it. I feel like I’m off the leash! Pairing to devices is so simple, I felt like it couldn’t be possible, but lo and behold, these hearing aids are geniuses.

Now usually when I put new hearing aids in, there’s a period of adjustment. I tend to get used to the hearing aids I’m wearing, the way they deliver sound, and it can take time to see if I like a different one. And, of course, I was already thrilled with the Oticons I already had and their terrific connectivity to the TV, my devices, etc. So I didn’t know what to expect. Wow, was I blown away.

Imagine this. We put the new hearing aids into my ears and my world litearally changed. That machine-like sound quality was gone. I no longer felt like there was something between sound and me. They felt like the most natural thing in the world, and I was immediately comfortable. And the sound from the TV, the iPad, the iPhone, etc., is so natural, it’s like there’s no hearing aid. No tinny sounds, no background noise. The technology is so superior to anything I’ve ever seen or used, it’s FUN to wear the hearing aids. (It helps that they’re smaller on my ears too.). I actually heard something strange – I hadn’t heard it before – and I asked DHH what it was and he said, “Look. Brooklyn (our sweetie princess dog) is drinking. You’re hearing her lap up the water.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to mislead anyone. They can’t give me back what I don’t have. I can’t instantly hear like a hearing person and there’s no hearing aid that can give me back my ability to distinguish speech. What’s gone from my ears (the nerves that carry the sounds to the brain) is gone forever – at least for my lifetime. But these hearing aids give me more natural voices and cleaner, crisper sound. They take out much more background noise and allow voices to come through much better. Though I can’t understand the words, it helps me read lips better and I’m finding myself able to communicate with people more without help. I feel like I’m hearing the sounds of the voices of my family the way I remember them in my head.

I know many people with my level of loss move on to Cochlear Implants, so hearing aids for my loss are not a priority for most companies. They all have something, of course, and different aids can work differently for different people. But oh, ohh, Oticon! You’ve sure upped my game incredibly and I can’t thank you enough. Your Oticon OPN Exceed 1 SP hearing aids have rocked my world!

(For anyone interested in finding out more about them, this is their web site:

https://www.oticon.ca/professionals/products/hearing-aids/xceed )

For anyone out there who for any reason doesn’t want to wear hearing aids but should, please, please, try them. Rock your world. Make your life easier, richer, and safer. They don’t make you look old or weak. Not hearing does that.

NOTE: Please note that I do not work for Oticon in any capacity. Nor am I connected to them in any way. I have worn hearing aids from other companies many times through the years and right now Oticon has the best ones for me. If you wear or need hearing aids, please decide with your audiologist which ones are best for you.

Alive and kicking!

Hello again! I’m back but I wouldn’t blame you if you ignore my apologies for being out of touch for so long. I keep apologizing but then I go far too long without writing. All I can say is time goes by much too quickly and I hope when I do write, you’re still with me!

About two months ago, I had a very close call with my vision, which for a deaf person is terrifying. I accidentally tore the cornea in my left eye and did some serious damage. Thanks to a wonderful eye doctor in Toronto, visits almost daily for 10 days, my eye healed and I didn’t lose any significant amount of vision permanently. But boy it was scary. Note: It may sound sexy, but wearing a patch is not fun! Not only did I not look like a very cool pirate, I bumped into things a lot. Not very cool at all.

The big news is that after 13 years of splitting our time between NY and Toronto, DHH and I have decided that starting at the beginning of August, we’re going to stay in Toronto full time for awhile. We have a lot going on, health issues to take care of, and commuting is getting harder. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the logical decision. And who knows.. we can always come back again. Nothing is written in stone.

Being in Toronto full time will be a huge change for us, but we hope it will also be the start of some new adventures. And we’ll get to spend more time with our kids – a definite bonus and perk. Maybe we’ll even redo the kitchen – I think my sweet pups, Brooklyn and Hudson, are finished with their part of the decorating and won’t be chewi… er …. re-designing the chairs and window blinds anymore.

Deaf or not, this is life. Things change, needs changes, and we change. Change can be good. It means we’re alive and kicking. And it gives us another opportunity to write our own story. I’m looking forward to new experiences and having new stories to share with you.

Re-decorating Woes

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to tell you that when I updated the theme and style of the blog, it changed the formatting of my posts.  I lost all my paragraphs.  Now I’m a strong believer in paragraphs, so I’m going through each on and trying to correct them.  It’s taking me awhile, but I will get them all.  Please hand in there with me!  I apologize for the messy manner right now and am working as fast as I can to fix them all.

Thank you for your patience!!